The Shadows of Eternity client can be installed in either of two ways. The first is a Windows Installer or MSI file. On most recent windows systems, double-clicking on the file will launch the install, where you will be prompted for the installation directory, and an icon will be created on your desktop.

The second install method consists of a single archive. You must unzip this file yourself to a directory you have already created. To run the client, execute the "runit" script.

In both cases, you will need a version of Java on your system. Shadows of Eternity requires a Java Runtime Environment (or JRE) of 5.0 or higher. A good place to start if you need a JRE is

Finally, you should have around 10MB of disk space available on the drive where you install the client.

Current client version: 1.50

Windows installer: soe.msi

File archive: